Identifying the Types of Wood Flooring and Their Benefits 


Home improvements like tile flooring require you to spend a lot but if you enhance your home look by adding wood flooring as a form of improvement, you will surely increase the value of your home. Wood flooring is one way to improve your home and not only that it will give a good appearance but also will also give you a longer life for your flooring. If you can't afford it yet, you may want to have it paid thru amortizations that can be up to decades.

If you worry on cleaning your wood flooring, you don't need to because it is very easy to clean. Aside from that, this is also advisable to people who suffer from allergies as compared to using carpets. Wood floors are also better to use when you have children or pets at home rather than a wall-to-wall carpet.

Wood flooring has three kinds.

Solid wood floors

If you are looking for the longest lasting and best-wearing type of flooring, this  1/4 " and 1" thick solid wood is definitely the one you're looking for. The next thing to do is to fit these boards together using groove and tongue system and the next step will be to nail them down to a  3/4 " plywood sub floor. But in case of concrete, you will not be able to attached your solid wood flooring since you cannot nail it to a concrete texture so what you need to do is install a sub floor first but this will be too expensive for you.

Engineered wood floors

In order to have engineered wood flooring, you must have several plys or wood layers that are all glued together. A typical engineered flooring have base, core and wear layer or veneer and they should all have a size of not less than 3/16th inches.

Several layers of urethane is the key to help the engineered wood floors at flooring stores to be prefinished. Finishes are not a problem since there is a large selection for it. When you are able to install the engineered floors, you might have a difficult time identifying a solid wood floor to an engineered floor.

Acrylic-impregnated wood floors

When it comes to durability more than the solid wood flooring, you are aiming for Pergo floors or the acrylic-impregnated wood floors. Since the acrylic resin is cooked into the material, you are guaranteed 300% harder flooring. When it comes to color issues, you don't have to worry about impregnated wood floors since the curing is done after the stain is being added.

This wood flooring is water resistant therefore they are best applied to bathrooms, kitchen and other settings in your home that has a lot of moisture.

High traffic areas will surely benefit from this.